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Casey Wheat

Casey wheat was born and raised in Huntington Beach and surfed Northside like no other.Huntington Beach was in his family’s DNA. His great grandfather was one of the original owners of the Golden Bear nightclub and his grandparents owned and operated the snack shack and rental shops that are now Zack’s and Zack’s Too. His father Steve Wheat taught him to surf at a young age. In his senior year at Huntington Beach High, Wheat helped the team win the surfing national championship while inspiring younger surfers with his competitiveness and leadership.

In 2015, Wheat teamed up with two lifelong friends, Ziggy Williams and Chris Moreno, to co-found the premium apparel brand SOKFY (Sport of Kings, Forever Young), focusing on quality over quantity. The brand’s mission is to encourage a highly charged carefree lifestyle, a passion for surfing and the pursuit of happiness.

Few people found as much happiness and peace in the ocean as Wheat. It was his refuge and his place to connect with other surfers. He loved surfing and hanging out on the Northside of the Huntington Beach pier. Wheat played a big role in the revival of the West Coast Board Riders Club and other clubs along the California Coast. Wheat coordinated surf contests, while competing in those contests as well as coaching groms.

Casey Wheat was an amazing son of Huntington Beach and a Northside legend. We are honored and stoked to induct Casey into the Surfers’ Hall of Fame,” said Aaron Pai.

To the Huntington Beach surfing community, Casey Wheat will always be forever young and an inspiration.


1997 - 2001

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Phil Edwards, Shane Beschen, Dale Velzy, Mark Martinson, Joyce Hoffman, David Nuuhiwa, Mickey Munoz