Trace Tracker


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  • Trace Tracker
  • Trace Tracker
  • Trace Tracker
  • Trace Tracker
  • Trace Tracker

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Trace tracks and stores all the stats from every snow or surf session. For the first time, you can see if youre jumping higher in the park, or catching better waves. With the Trace apps you can go back, and see the new move youre working on and how youve improved over the week or month or season. You can even compare against your friends or other people on the mountain or in the water.

And Trace doesn't stop there. Trace will auto-edit all of your GoPro footage without you having to lift a finger. No more abandoned SD cards with hours of footage or abandoned highlight reels that you never got to. Trace automatically identifies your highlights, color correct the clips to make sure colors pop, and overlays stats on top of your video. Sharing your highlights couldnt be easier.

- Comes with mount, charging base and charging cable
- 1.4 oz
- 25mm radius / 22mm tall
- High Frequency GPS
- 9-axis IMU
- Accelerometer
- Gyroscope
- Magnetometer
- Bluetooth LE
- Bluetooth 2.1
- 2GB of memory
- Powerful CPU
- Waterproof at 10 meters

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