Huntington Surf & Sport offers wetsuits for sale in a range of styles and colors to suit any water conditions. From warm water conditions to winter surf sessions, HSS has the surf wetsuits you need to perform at your best. HSS carries sizes for men, women, and kids, with a selection that’s unbeatable. A wide variety of wetsuit accessories for sale, like wetsuit changing mats and ponchos, can add to your surfing enjoyment.

How Do Wetsuits Work?

It’s a common belief that wetsuits are waterproof and keep surfers dry.  Actually, wetsuits are designed to help keep you warm and protected by letting a little water inside the suit, trapping it next to the skin.  A surfer’s body heat warms up that layer of water, which in turn keeps the body warmer.  Wetsuits come in different thicknesses (measured in millimeters) for different water temperatures.  Higher numbers mean more warmth when the temperature drops. Wetsuits come in different styles, too, with short-sleeved spring suits for warmer water conditions and fullsuits for when the surf is chilly.

What Types of Wetsuits Do You Carry?

At Huntington Surf & Sport, we know that water conditions vary, so we’re proud to offer an extensive lineup of wetsuits that can work in surf conditions around the world and throughout the year.  HSS wetsuit sale prices mean great savings, too.  HSS has got wetsuits to fit any budget for men, women, and children in colors and cuts that will appeal to any taste.  Of course, we also offer a full line of wetsuit accessories like rashguards and vests for a range of surf conditions.

For really cold water conditions, take a look at our O’Neill 4/3 Superfreakfullsuit or the Captain Fin 4/3 Walter fullsuit.  Lighter weight fullsuits like the Hurley 202 Phantom or the Patagonia 3/2.5 R1 BZ are good choices when the water isn’t as cold, but these lighter wetsuits still offer great protection and comfort.  HSS also carries a range of fullsuit styles from many brands includingQuiksilver, Isurus, Vissla, and Billabong.

Warmer water conditions and summery weather call for spring suits, which are cut with short sleeves and short legs.  Try the O’Neill 1/2 Hammer LS spring suit or the Billabong 2mm Foil CZ for great performance without the bulk of a heavier wetsuit.  The O’Neill 2mm Hyperfreak LS Spring Suit is cut with full-length sleeves for slightly cooler water conditions or where you need more arm protection.

Keep your wetsuit in good condition by using the Creatures of Leisure wetsuit change mat – perfect for keeping sand out of the zipper.  Cover up after a session with ponchos from FCS, Creatures of Leisure, and Modom.

How Can I Order Wetsuits for Sale from HSS?

Huntington Surf & Sport offers secure online ordering right through our website, or you can call us toll-free at 1-800-620-2951 to place telephone orders.  HSS ships by the major carriers including FedEx and UPS, and offers free shipping to the lower 48 for any order over $49.  Call today for fast service and great selection.