Quiksilver Performance Boardshorts Guide

Quiksilver certainly knows how to showcase its product. Their website is far more impressive and interactive than competitors, video’s for Quik’s performance boardshorts are jaw dropping, and Quiksilver’s team yields surfing stars like Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds. With all that marketing and hype going into Quiksilver’s Cypher Boardshorts campain, one might expect a product that is less than satisfactory, kind of like how the movie industry pumps tons of marketing dollars into not so spectacular movies (a good example would be GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra). For Quiksilver Cypher Boardshorts, this is NOT the case. Quiksilver’s Performance Boardshorts hold up to the hype. Think of Quiksilver Cypher Series Boardshorts as the Ironman of boardshorts, lots of marketing, and a product that delivers.

We are going to be looking into and breaking down the features for the Quiksilver Cypher Series Boardshorts. But first check out this sweet video:

Quiksilver Cypher Series Boardshorts Features:

Diamond Dobby DLX: Diamond Dobby is a feature that sounds complex and confusing, but is really quite simple. Think of the Diamond Dobby DLX as honeycomb like pattern, but instead of a hexagon think diamonds. On the inside of the Boardshorts (the part that touches skin) the diamond pattern is raised just a little bit. What this does for the surfer is reduce friction and drag, essentially creating a “NO MORE RASHES” chaff-free trunk. The Diamond Dobby DLX also sheds water more quickly, making dry time 2x faster than the conventional board short. Diamonds are no longer a girls best friend, but a surfers as well.

4-way Stretch Panels: The 4-Way Stretch Panel is a different approach to performance boardshorts compared to other boardies that are composed entirely of 4-way stretch. 4 Way stretch is can be clingy, exposing, and sometimes likes to collect things like wax residue. For this reason Quiksilver has put 4-way only in panels where stretch and flexibility are critical. The result is a lightweight trunk that is more durable and more comfortable to wear around town.

Double-Up Closure: Most people’s bellies and weight fluctuate on a regular basis. For this reason Quiksilver included a Double-Up Closure to optimize fit. The Double-Up Closure is just an extra set of eyelets to fasten the trunks. So, if your surfing double overhead pipe and need to make sure your boardies are securely fastened, no problem. Just fasten up on the far eyelets. On the other hand, when you’re done surfing pipe and need to stuff your belly with a juicy burger and a beer, the Double-Up closure has got you covered as well. Just move the laces to the inside eyelet and relax.

NEOFLY: the Neofly is a zipperless fly feature with a built in super stretch neoprene closure. There is still one small strip of velcro to ensure proper closure, but the Neofly provides comfort and easy access that is necessary for surfing.

Lycra Hem: the hem of the Cypher Boardshorts has a ring of lycra sewn to the inside of the trunks. This reduces friction and feels really nice when sitting and especially nice when sitting on a surfboard in the water. The lycra hem is a pretty sweet feature that is not included on any other performance boardshorts out there.

Quiksilver Cypher Massive Boardshorts:

The Quiksilver Massive Boardshorts are impressive Performance Boardies. Although they are not entirely 4-Way stretch, the Cypher Massive Board Shorts include a lot of features that competing boardshorts do not have.  the Massive‘s waistband is ultra comfy mesh like fabric that really makes a difference in and out of the water. The Double-Up closure is simple, but genius. Most boardshorts do not always fit the same, but with the Double-Up Enclosure they can. The Pocket location is discreet and located on the back of the boardshorts. The pocket is hardly noticeable and has a Cypher water locked zipper, so there is no way this pocket will get in the way of surfing. The Neofly is nice, but is a standard feature on pretty much all performance boardshorts. Overall the Cypher Massive is solid, and if you are looking for a pair of boardshorts that will not cling like spandex when wet, and will also perform perfectly in the water, then the Quiksilver Cypher Massive Boardshorts are for you!

Quiksilver had sooo many cool video’s that we had to include them all below:

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