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Black Friday Giveaway – FREE Channel Islands Surfboard

Forget about camping out in front of a store for a killer deal on Black Friday. Get a chance to win a FREE CHANNEL ISLANDS SHORTBOARD (any CI board off the rack) this Friday, November 29th at our downtown location – 300 PCH. The first 100 people through our main entrance at 8am will receive [...]
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Shaun Tomson Talks ‘The Code’ at HBHS

2003 Surfers’ Hall of Fame inductee Shaun Tomson will be visiting HBHS next Tuesday, November 19th, 6pm – 7:30pm to provide insights from his new book, “The Code: The Power of ‘I Will.’” Tickets are $7 and ALL proceeds will go to benefit the HBHS Helping Kids Program and the Boys & Girls Club of [...]
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A Few Fun Ones

The swell has dropped off big time but there were still a few fun ones this morning before the wind picked up. Jake Saenz, Tyler Killeen and Andrew Niemann were on it!  Photos: Ryan McLaughlan
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Electric Visual Treasure Hunt 10/25/13

Find me, keep me! Good luck everyone. HAVE FUN SURFING! We hid these Electric Visual sunglasses somewhere in Huntington Beach, finders keepers. Clue to where they are will be posted around 3PM today.
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Treasure Hunt with Electric Visual 10/18/13

“We are lost some where in Huntington Beach. Find me, keep me!” – Mr. Backpack & Ms. T-shirt Clues to where we are will be posted at 3pm. ” Can you see us? We are over here!”
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What better way to enjoy a practically perfect Friday Fall morning than getting shacked on Southside. Trevor and Taylor Pai started their Friday off right and there was plenty to go around. Where were you?! You missed it!  Photos: Ryan McLaughlan
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Electric Treasure Hunt

We hid a pair of Electric sunglasses in this tree somewhere in Huntington Beach, FINDERS KEEPERS! Watch out for the squirrels. Have a great weekend! Joey Martin and friend Matt found these Electric sunglasses in a tree last Friday. Congrats!
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Boardstix Treasure Hunt

HSS x Boarstix Treasure Hunt! We hid some Boardstix surfboard markers somewhere in Huntington beach, finders keepers! Here are the clues to where they are or just follow the stickers. Happy hunting! The X marks the spot of the package. (all stickers were taped on)
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Kelp Patties

Its not surf and only surf for the Pai boys, Trevor and Taylor. Give them a suit, some fins, a mask and a spear gun, put them on a boat for a few days and you would be surprised at the bounty they would drop at your feet upon their return. Check out their latest [...]
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HSS Team – Southside

A few shots from last week. Sunny, glassy and peaky. HSS Team Riders Ryan Salazar, Jake Saenz and Andrew Niemann putting in work before heading off to school.  Photos: Ryan McLaughlan  
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