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Troy Elmore

Announcing the newest addition to our team… Troy is a HB local, and shreds on any board. We are stoked to have him join the team!
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35th Annual Spring SideWalk Sale

Huntington Surf & Sport was established in 1979,  where we set up shop on the corner of 15th St. & Pacific Coast Hwy. We’d often be able to run across the street and surf with customers, friends, and family. Every spring since than, what started out as a 1 cent full suit sale on the [...]
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HSS Mentawais 2014

HSS family and friends made an early season trip to the Mentawai islands and scored some epic surf.  Enjoy the pics.
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New Year’s 2014 – Tavi

A few of the HSS crew, joined by family and friends, spent New Year’s on Tavi.   Many thanks to the workers of Tavarua for the great time!
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Electric Visual Treasure Hunt 10/25/13

Find me, keep me! Good luck everyone. HAVE FUN SURFING! We hid these Electric Visual sunglasses somewhere in Huntington Beach, finders keepers. Clue to where they are will be posted around 3PM today.
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Treasure Hunt with Electric Visual 10/18/13

“We are lost some where in Huntington Beach. Find me, keep me!” – Mr. Backpack & Ms. T-shirt Clues to where we are will be posted at 3pm. ” Can you see us? We are over here!”
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Electric Treasure Hunt

We hid a pair of Electric sunglasses in this tree somewhere in Huntington Beach, FINDERS KEEPERS! Watch out for the squirrels. Have a great weekend! Joey Martin and friend Matt found these Electric sunglasses in a tree last Friday. Congrats!
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Boardstix Treasure Hunt

HSS x Boarstix Treasure Hunt! We hid some Boardstix surfboard markers somewhere in Huntington beach, finders keepers! Here are the clues to where they are or just follow the stickers. Happy hunting! The X marks the spot of the package. (all stickers were taped on)
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Summer Fun

A nice wedgie! Team rider Bradley Ettinger enjoying a nice pulse of the last southern hemi.   { WEDGE } from Brecht Vanthof on Vimeo.
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Uncharted Waters – The Personal History of Wayne Lynch

No one had ever surfed like Wayne Lynch. Raised in the wild, empty waves of his native Victoria, Wayne’s futuristic approach laid down the lines that would come to define modern surfing. Uncharted Waters, a new documentary produced and directed by Paul Griffin, traces the personal story of one of surf culture’s most iconic figures. [...]
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