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Women's Fullsuits

Fullsuits give the maximum amount of protection and warmth for female surfers and allow them to stay warmer longer.  Huntington Surf and Sport offers a full line of fullsuits tailored specifically for women with more definition in the waist and more room in the hips and chest than the similar male models. 

Choose from O'Neill, Patagonia, Rip Curl or Roxy in all sorts of colors and styles.  After all, just because you want a great wetsuit that hugs your body's curves, keeps you warm in cold surf and offers flexibility for your craziest surfing moves does not mean you cannot look great, too!  Our line offers good-looking and versatile full suits that will meet all of your demands.

  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Guaranteed to last through hours of surfing
  • Provide thermal protection even in cold water
  • Available in a variety of styles, colors and brands