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Women's Wetsuit Booties

Women's feet take punishment when they surf, particularly if they swim and surf without any type of protective shoe.  This can lead to injury or just "cold feet," but either way it is uncomfortable and possibly dangerous. The solution is surf booties as part of a full set of surfing wear that protects the entire body.

Our lineup of women's surf booties includes brands like Roxy, 3 mm round-toed booties that offer coverage to well above the ankles, and several others. Women need booties guaranteed not to allow slipping and also provides you with strong protection and warmth for your feet no matter how many hours you spend in the water.

  • Made of durable material
  • Comfortably stitched to provide long lasting wear
  • Colorful choices for a great look
  • Provides hours of protection for feet while surfing
  • Guaranteed not to slip on surfboards for ultimate safety