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Men's Fullsuit Wetsuits

Fullsuits serve an important purpose for surfers: they conserve body heat even in the coldest waters, making it possible for surfers to brave the waves even in frigid temperatures.  A surfer loses body heat 25 times faster in water than in air of a comparable temperature, so a fullsuit is a must in chilly waters.

HSS carries a full range of fullsuit wetsuits by famous brands such as Billabong, Hurley, Isurus and O'Neill.  The highest quality and construction go into every fullsuit HSS offers, and each model has been thoroughly tested by real surfers under real conditions before it is offered in our lineup.  Every fullsuit model offers easy movement and freedom from pinching and binding, unlike many other fullsuit models.

  • Famous name brands
  • Insulates body heat even in the coldest water
  • Improves surfing performance
  • Protects skin from rash and rubbing on board
  • Lightweight construction for freedom of movement