Robert “Wingnut” Weaver

wingnutRobert James ‘Wingnut’ Weaver rose to fame for his appearance as the longboard surf star in the feature film “Endless Summer II.” He continued to surf on a longboard during a time when longboarding wasn’t “cool.” But because of his dedication to the sport, Wingnut has since become recognized as the premier longboard surfer in the world.

Since “Endless Summer II” was released in 1994, Wingnut has stayed involved with the surf industry, consulting for companies, competing, traveling, rubbing elbows with movie stars and using his mellifluous speaking voice to promote the sport of longboard surfing.

Wingnut has done voiceovers with Ira Opper on “The Surfer’s Journal’s 50 Years of Surfing” and the “Great Waves” television and video series. He also appeared in Opper’s “Wingnut’s Search for Soul,” “The Art of Longboarding” and other numerous surf videos and productions. He has parlayed his big-screen success to serve as the surf instructor to the stars, showing the likes of Ted Danson and Nicholas Cage how to ride the waves.

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