Jericho Poppler

jericho-popplerJust ten years after riding her first wave, Jericho Poppler became the 1970 United States Championship in Huntington Beach, Calif. But it was more than luck for this athletic beauty.

Born December 13, 1951 and raised in Long Beach, Calif., Poppler’s first passion was ballet and jazz. She danced for years prior to jumping on a surfboard developing her strength, stature and balance.

Poppler’s name and style became the standard in women’s surfing. She was a one of a few women who blurred the line between genders. Poppler dominated the surfing scene with a decade of championship titles from all over the world. Her talent did not go unnoticed. She soon got her own “Jericho Poppler” model surfboard with Robert August, a world famous surfboard shaper.

But Poppler’s passion was more than surfing. She co-founder the Women’s International Surfing Association, then co-directed the first Women’s International Professional Surfing Championships and developed the Women’s Professional Surfing Coalition.

As a founding member of Surfrider Foundation, Poppler took an active role in protecting the ocean as did a string of successful programs still in effect today.

The active environmentalist, wife and mother remains on top by being active in the surf community. Today she spends time managing surf events, environmental causes and mothering her children. She still takes time out of her day to surf or paddle. Poppler’s drive and enthusiasm for surfing and its lifestyle motivates female surfers throughout the world.

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