Greg Noll

greg-nollFrom the beaches of California to the big waves of Hawaii, Greg Noll’s influence is still alive today. Noll, who traveled between Hawaii and the mainland during his high school years, became synonymous with big waves after a 1957 surf session at Waimea Bay.

The avid waterman admits that his youth was spent pestering the late Dale Velzy and the local fishermen at Hermosa Beach. By his teens, Noll spent his summers on California beaches and his winters surfing Hawaii’s big waves. From paddling to shaping, Noll did everything like a bull – head on, charge.

Noll’s surfing career is not based on contests, unlike many famous surfers. It is based on the passion of big wave riding. Today Noll’s name and history still reminds the surfing world that it takes power and courage to break barriers. The image of him standing on shore with his board and the black and white striped shorts is etched in every surfers mind

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