Bob Hurley

bob-hurleyAs one of the surf industry’s top manufacturers, Bob Hurley’s success came with big risks and an even bigger vision. Hurley got his start as the U.S. licensee for the Australian based Billabong, which he enhanced by creating Billabong USA. From there, Hurley was able to create apparel beyond surf trunks.

When his contract with Billabong expired, Hurley and his team took the opportunity to launch Hurley International, a surf sports lifestyle apparel company. They hit the market in 1998, making more than the usual surf apparel. A few years later Hurley became a multi-million dollar company. The clothing attracted a growing teen market that incorporated music, skate and every alternative sport. Their growth captured the eye of sport clothing manufacturer Nike. Seeing a chance to distribute internationally, Hurley and his team partnered with the sportswear giant.

As a surfer, Hurley represents spirit. As a businessman, he represents independence and inspiration.

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